Children are Ukraine’s Future

CAAU has worked in partnership with Children’s Medical Care Foundation (CMCF) for nearly two decades to deliver training and educational materials to medical professionals focusing on pediatric and neonatal medical care. Most of the training has been conducted in Poland. An additional initiative will develop Neonatal Resuscitation Training Centers in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions, improving accessibility of this advanced training to medical professionals in Ukraine.

Over the years, CAAU and CMCF have jointly funded the training of hundreds of doctors, nurses, midwives and others who are responsible for any aspect of neonatal resuscitation. After completing the course and passing the written and practical examinations, the participants will have gained new knowledge and skills that they can immediately apply to the care of critically ill children. CAAU and CMCF have also jointly funded the publication of the latest edition of the American Heart Association’s Neonatal Resuscitation textbook.