Aid to Needy Seniors in Ukraine

Many seniors in Ukraine depend on fixed pensions, but inflation and declines in social benefits have left them with less and less means to survive. Helping the disadvantaged and socially vulnerable citizens of Ukraine is one of the ways CAAU contributes to the well-being of the entire population. CAAU supports the development of regional organizations in Ukraine that have developed local programs to provide food, housing, medical and other services to needy seniors in Ukraine.

The CAAU Ball 2008 spotlighted the Regional Seniors Center in the city of Uzhhorod, located in western Ukraine, at the border of Slovakia and near the border with Hungary. This center was opened in 1993, providing meals and daycare for 50 persons, in addition to home-based social assistance. In 1998 the services were expanded to add temporary living quarters and assisted living facilities. During 2007, medical services were added, as well as free access to the bakery, sewing and recreational facilities. In Fall 2008, CAAU delivered funding for the center to purchase kitchen equipment to support their food services for needy seniors in Uzhhorod.

In June 2008, CAAU Chair Luba Keske and CAAU Vice President Yarko (Jerry) Maryniuk, M.D., visited the home for needy seniors in Korytne, a village about 40 kilometers west of Chernivtsi, to assess the needs and deliver financial support from CAAU. The home was founded by one individual, Victoria Ivanivna Holovach, who gradually built a network of support from the local community and government to serve about 25 people, mostly over the age of 65. Mrs. Keske and Dr. Maryniuk purchased a refrigerator, a stove and two benches for the home, at a cost of about $900.